16-20 September 2019
Jožef Stefan Institute
Europe/Ljubljana timezone
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Type: Poster Session: Poster Session
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Silane based sol-gel coatings are a promising alternative for the replacement of toxic chromate conversion coatings used to protect aluminum and it’s alloys against corrosion. It is well known that sol-gel synthesis occurs via a hydrolysis/condensation mechanism and a similar mechanism is proposed for the reaction of silanols with the surface. In order to test this hypothesis a model silanol mol ... More
Presented by Dr. Anton KOKALJ
Type: Poster Session: Poster Session
Track: Poster Session
In the search for new ways of how to achieve efficient corrosion inhibition, the knowledge about the interaction between the substance acting as an inhibitor and the metallic substrate is useful. To this end, Density Functional Theory (DFT) based modeling is a convenient tool for providing new insights, hence it has been utilized to complement the experimental characterization of several molecules ... More
Presented by Mr. Matic POBERZNIK
When electronegative atoms adsorb on an electropositive metal surface, charge transfer occurs and the adatoms become negatively charged. Due to this charge accumulation, repulsive lateral interactions are expected between them, and according to the classical method of images they can be treated as dipole-dipole interactions that scale as Θ3/2, where Θ is the surface coverage of adatoms. This de ... More
Presented by Mr. Janez KRANJSKI