IJS-FMF high-energy physics seminars

Nejc Košnik - Leptoquarks and Real Singlets: A Richer Scalar Sector Behind the Origin of Dark Matter


We investigate scenarios with O(1TeV) scalar leptoquarks that act as portals between the Standard Model and Dark Matter. We assume that Dark Matter is a scalar singlet S which couples to a scalar leptoquark Δ and the Higgs boson via the terms in the scalar potential. In addition, the leptoquark is endowed with Yukawa couplings to quarks and leptons that may address the anomalies in B meson decays. We consider the SS annihilation cross sections to estimate the Dark Matter relic abundance and explore the interplay between astrophysical, collider and flavour physics bounds on such models. In the heavy Dark Matter window, mS>mΔ, the leptoquark portal becomes the dominant mechanism to explain the Dark Matter abundance. We find that the leptoquark Yukawa couplings, relevant for quark and lepton flavour physics, are decoupled from the dark matter phenomenology. By focussing on a scenario with a single leptoquark state, we find that relic density can only be explained when both Δ and S masses are lighter than O(10TeV).