IJS-FMF high-energy physics seminars

Ilja Doršner: Fully Testable Axion Dark Matter within a Minimal SU(5) Unification Model

https://zoom.us/j/3601731049?pwd=bVNQRjUxU2ExZ0cveWcxYXNUUGdjZz09 (F1 tea room)


F1 tea room


I will present a minimal Grand Unified Theory model, based on an SU(5) gauge symmetry and a global U(1) Peccei-Quinn symmetry, that predicts the existence of an ultralight axion dark matter within a narrow mass range between 0.1 neV and 4.7 neV. This mass window is determined through an interplay between gauge coupling unification constraints, partial proton decay lifetime limits, and the need to reproduce the experimentally observed fermion mass spectrum. The entire parameter space of the proposed model will be probed through a synergy between several low-energy experiments that look for proton decay (Hyper-Kamiokande), axion dark matter through axion-photon coupling (ABRACADABRA and DMRadio-GUT) and nucleon electric dipole moments (CASPEr Electric).