IJS theoretical biophysics and soft matter seminars

Biophysics Journal Club: Matej Kanduč, "The mystery of nanobubbles: How come they exist?"

Seminar room of physics (106) (IJS)

Seminar room of physics (106)


Jamova 39, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

The industry of nanoscopic bubbles is booming. Nanobubbles are used in various industries, from agriculture and water treatment to humane medicine. Yet, in the academic world, the existence of nanobubbles has attracted both skepticism and intrigue since classical theory predicts that gas bubbles cannot achieve stable equilibrium. Can we prove these gaseous domains exist, and if they do, how do they survive? I will review contemporary theoretical perspectives on the stability of nanobubbles and explain how experiments either vindicate or disprove them.

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Theoretical Biophysics and Soft Matter Group