IJS-FMF high-energy physics seminars

Rudin Petrossian-Byrne: Quantisation across bubble walls and friction

https://zoom.us/j/3601731049?pwd=bVNQRjUxU2ExZ0cveWcxYXNUUGdjZz09 (F1 tea room)


F1 tea room


We quantise from first principles field theories living on the background of a bubble wall in the planar limit with particular focus on the case of spontaneous breaking of gauge symmetry. Using these tools, we compute the average momentum transfer from transition radiation: the soft emission of radiation by an energetic particle passing across the wall, with a particular focus on the longitudinal polarisation of vectors. We find these to be comparable to transverse polarisations in symmetry-breaking transitions with mild super-cooling, and dominant in broken to broken transitions with thin wall. Our results have phenomenological applications for the expansion of bubbles during first order phase transitions. Our general framework allows for the calculation of any particle processes of interest in such translation breaking backgrounds.