IJS theoretical biophysics and soft matter seminars

Gašper Lipnik, "Force inference in epithelial tissues"

C/0-106 - Seminarska soba fizike (F5) (Jamova)

C/0-106 - Seminarska soba fizike (F5)


Jamova 39, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

In this work, we explore the ways of determining the mechanical properties of epithelial tissues. Knowledge of the mechanical parameters like forces between and pressures within cells leads to a deeper understanding of the processes in these tissues. To determine these parameters, one can perform in vivo measurements using lasers, optical tweezers, micropipettes etc. However, in vivo measurements are invasive, technically challenging and local. Thus, it is best to use noninvasive and global methods. One theoretical approach is force inference from cell shapes and connectivity as seen in microscope images, and here we introduce three force inference methods.

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