IJS-FMF high-energy physics seminars

Florian Goertz: Dark Matter and Baryogenesis with an Inert Doublet


In this talk, we discuss the prospects to realize Dark Matter (DM) in the Inert Doublet Model, while simultaneously enhancing the Electroweak Phase Transition (EWPhT) such as to induce electroweak baryogenesis. To this end, we analyze the nature of the EWPhT in both light and heavy DM regions, and explore a viable region where a non-trivial two-step EWPhT can appear, allowing for the correct relic abundance and agreement with direct-detection bounds. Finally, we discuss a new region for light DM with a small mass splitting, lifting the usual assumption of exact degeneracy of the new non-DM scalars, and comment on possibilities to implement enough CP violation to fulfill the Sakharov Conditions.