Course: CFD on HPC: OpenFOAM

Event will take place via ZOOM

Event will take place via ZOOM


ENG: The three-day workshop is aimed at researchers, engineers, students and others interested in CFD and OpenFOAM. Basic and advanced applications of the open source fluid simulation system OpenFOAM will be presented. More ...

The workshop will take place via the Zoom system. It will take place in three consecutive afternoons.

SLO: Tridnevna delavnica je namenjena raziskovalcem, inženirjem, študentom in drugim, ki jih zanima tematika CFD in OpenFOAM. Predstavljena bo osnovna in napredna uporaba odprtokodnega sistema za simulacijo tekočin OpenFOAM. Več ...

Delavnica bo potekala preko sistema Zoom. Izvedli jo bomo v treh popoldnevih.

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Passcode: 537697


Aleksander Grm began his studies in physics/mathematics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Ljubljana. In between, he constantly improves his programming skills and uses them in solving scientific computational problems in the field of hydromechanics. Looking for a suitable Master's programme, he gives tutorials in mechanics and mathematics and works as a programmer in some companies. He then continues his studies at the ICTP/SISA in Trieste, Italy, in the Master's course in Applied Mathematics. The course covers the field of modelling and simulation of complex realities. At the end of the Master's course, he received a PhD scholarship from ITWM Fraunhoffer, Kaiserslautern, Germany, and completed his PhD in Industrial/Applied Mathematics at the University of Kaiserslautern. After his PhD, he worked partly in academia and entirely in industry. In industry he's involved in many different projects, all related to mathematical modelling of real world problems. In industry, he works as Chief Strategy Officer at C3M, where he leads various industry projects and plans the strategy for the future scientific direction of the company. In 2014, he moves to academia to work in pure and applied research, teaching young people mechanics and mathematics at engineering level.


Fakulteta za strojništvo Ostalo LogotipLeCAD  

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Fakulteta za računalništvo in informatiko, Univerza v Ljubljani

    • 1
      Introduction to Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

      • About CFD
      • Theoretica background
      • Different methods
      • Pros and cons of the method
      • Historical overview of method development

      Speaker: Aleksander Grm
    • 2:30 PM
      Coffee break
    • 2
      Introduction to supercomputers, supercomputing world, benefits for the research and industrial needs

      • What is a shared memory computer? The concept architecture and real hardware.
      • Introducing the participants to modern hardware, HPCs, EuroHPC project
      • Using HPC-FS and NoMachine desktop
      • Linux background

      Speakers: Leon Kos, Pavel Tomšič (Faculty for Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana)
    • 3
      Introduction OpenFOAM

      Setting up environment for OpenFOAM, description of the basic program environment and running of basic programs.

      • Overview of OpenFOAM
      • Workflow and background
      • How to use OpenFOAM
      • Main Components
      • Parallel construct on HPC
      • How to set up OpenFOAM on a local PC

      Speaker: Aleksander Grm
    • 5:00 PM
      Recordings: Day 01

    • 4
      Basic usage of OpenFOAM I

      • geometry and meshing
      • mesh manipulations
      • physical modelling and numerical simulations
      • initial and boundary conditions

      Speaker: Aleksander Grm
    • 2:30 PM
      Coffee break
    • 5
      Basic usage of OpenFOAM II

      • HPC / Cloud
      • post-processing
      • basic features of complex simulations
      • OpenFOAM format conversions

      Speaker: Aleksander Grm
    • 6
      Hands-on with OpenFOAM I

      • simple cases for the participants

      Speaker: Aleksander Grm
    • Recordings Day 02

    • 7
      OpenFOAM Programming

      • Building blocks of the OpenFOAM library
      • Solver
      • Utilities
      • Boundary conditions

      Speaker: Aleksander Grm
    • 2:30 PM
      Coffee break
    • 8
      Advanced applications

      • Mesh manipulation
      • Multi-phase flows
      • Thermal simulation
      • Advanced cases of OpenFOAM usage

      Speaker: Aleksander Grm
    • 9
      Hands-on with OpenFOAM II

      Advanced cases of OpenFOAM usage

      Speaker: Aleksander Grm