Summer school on BSM particle physics and cosmology

Faculty for mathematics and physics

Faculty for mathematics and physics

Jadranska 19
Summer school on theoretical aspects of calculations related to BSM searches at colliders (e.g. MC tools, analyses, machine learning techniques), QCD at high and low energies, phase transitions and gravitational waves.

Funding is intended for visiting PhD students from nearby countries; a new event, initiated by COST.

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  • Aleks Smolkovič
  • Alessandro Morandini
  • Anish Ghoshal
  • Arman Korajac
  • Barry Dillon
  • Blaž Leban
  • Carmine Cacciapuoti
  • Darius A. Faroughy
  • Elena Venturini
  • Enrico Catalano
  • Fausto Frisenna
  • Giovanni Zattera
  • Gonzalo Herrera
  • Hilal Hamdellou
  • Huseyin Bahtiyar
  • Leonardo Benjamin Rizzuto
  • Lukas Fritz
  • Michele Aversano
  • Monalisa Patra
  • Pablo Pais
  • Philip Sørensen
  • Renato Maria Prisco
  • Rok Medveš
  • Victor Guada
  • Yaniv Weiss
  • Zoltán Péli